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Septic Tanker

Septic Tank Cleaning in Bracebridge

Keep your septic tanks in working order with regular septic tank cleaning from All Star Septic Tank Pumping. We thoroughly clean both sides of your tank to ensure you don’t encounter problems at a later date. When you call us to your property, we can quickly clean your tanks and inform you on how your system works, if it’s working properly, and provide advice on maintenance. We can help anyone with a septic tank, including homeowners and operators of campgrounds, hotels and commercial businesses. There's no waiting around with All Star Septic Tank Pumping – we get to calls right away, no matter the time. Call today.


Our Septic Cleaning Process

At All Star Septic Tank Pumping, we clean both chambers in your septic tank. It is important to have both tanks cleaned at the same time to avoid problems down the road. The biggest reason why leaching fields fail is because homeowners fail to have both tanks cleaned during scheduled maintenance.


If you are having problems with your septic or drain lines, we have the solution. We use Bio-Desolve®, an environmentally friendly product used to correct weeping bed issues caused by sludge buildup in your tank. This product is designed for use in your home, cottage, RV, boat, trailer or outdoor toilet.



Septic tank pumping




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